Levels Of Water Damage And The Best Restoration Techniques For Each

water damage restoration poughkeepsie

water damage restoration poughkeepsieWhen it comes to water damage restoration, restoration companies know that every situation is unique. They take into consideration factors like the location of the damage, the amount of water present, and how long it has been there. These factors help teams determine the appropriate level of restoration necessary for your Santa Rosa home. There are four levels of water damage, each requiring specific restoration steps that must be considered when planning for water damage restoration. 

Water Damage Restoration Poughkeepsie

Understanding the damage level is crucial to better understanding what to expect during the water damage restoration process for your Poughkeepsie home. Let’s look at each one:

Level 1: This level involves minimal water absorption and a small evaporation load, meaning materials like concrete, masonry, and plaster have sustained the majority of the damage. This can also include cases with small amounts of water that have not been present long enough to be absorbed into materials. In level 1 water damage, porous materials like wood, carpets, and walls make up less than 5% of the affected area. So, water damage restoration is relatively simple and easy to reverse any damages.

Level 2: Mid-range water absorption and evaporation load describe level 2 water damage. This is more serious than level 1 water damage, and the intrusion on porous materials ranges from 5% to 40%. Low evaporation materials are still virtually unaffected at this level, but water damage restoration can still pose some challenges. Trained professionals should handle water damage cases at this level to thoroughly remove the water absorbed by porous materials as soon as possible. 

Level 3: In this level, porous materials make up more than 40% of the affected area, with the highest water absorption and evaporation load being reached. Immediate action is necessary to reverse the damage, and many porous materials may need to be replaced. Training professionals should utilize commercial-grade water extraction, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection equipment when performing restorative work at this level. 

Level 4: This level represents major water damage cases and flooding. Deep, unmoving water intrusion has caused even low evaporation materials to be exposed to and absorb a severe amount of water in this level of damage. Successful level 4 water damage restoration requires equipment and techniques, which will take more time and expertise to handle correctly and produce the best possible outcome for your home and belongings. The risks and dangers associated with level 4 water damage are much more significant than any of the other levels and often include the potential for structural damage to the home, the growth of mold and bacteria, and the presence of hazardous contaminants in the standing water. Trained professionals should only handle this level of water damage to ensure safety and adequate cleaning and restoration.

Regardless of the level of damage your home has sustained, you need the best water damage restoration available. This is where we come in. At Liberty Restoration, we know how to safely, quickly, and effectively handle water damage at each level and will be sure to get your home back to its pre-loss condition.